Welcome to Guy Designs

In this video we cover tips to help you stay in contact with us, software to help you prepare website friendly content and how to share specific content from your website.

This video covers;

  • Guy Designs – Resource videos & support email address (support@guydesigns.com.au)
  • Is It Down – How to check if there are server issues, maintenance updates – www.isitdown.com.au [time 1:42]
  • Facebook & Twitter – Other ways we keep you up to date – www.facebook.com/guydesigns &www.twitter.com/guydesigns  [time 2:35]
  • Website Support & maintenance requests [time 3:15]
  • Software – Snipping tool – how to screen shot part of the screen, highlight & write/circle parts of the screenshot. [time 3:50]
  • Full screenshot – using Windows [time 5:30]
  • Skype – sharing your screen via video call [time 6:20]
  • Software – Windows Photo Gallery – How to bulk re-size images & re-name images [time 7:20]
  • Sharing links from specific pages on social media [time 12:08]
To view the video in full screen, press play, roll your mouse across the video and then click on the box in the bottom right corner.