Step-by-step instruction videos for WordPress

Congratulations on your new WordPress website.  These videos will give you a guided tour of the administration (or back-end) section of your website and will show you how to create new pages using posts & pages, as well as inserting & editing media.

We are constantly uploading new videos & updating the current information as updates to WordPress are released.  If we haven’t covered something you are trying to do on your site, please contact us at so we can provide you with assistance.

These videos are not specific to any site. If you have specialised plugins for your website, we will create custom videos for you & send you a link to that recording.


Welcome Guide, useful websites, software & tips

This video covers;

 Guy Designs – Resource videos & support email address (

 Is It Down – How to check if there are server issues, maintenance updates – [time 1:42]

 Facebook & Twitter – Other ways we keep you up to date – &  [time 2:35]

 Website Support & maintenance requests [time 3:15]

 Software – Snipping tool – how to screen shot part of the screen, highlight & write/circle parts of the screenshot. [time 3:50]

 Full screenshot – using Windows [time 5:30]

 Skype – sharing your screen via video call [time 6:20]

 Software – Windows Photo Gallery – How to bulk re-size images & re-name images [time 7:20]

 Sharing links from specific pages on social media [time 12:08]

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Visual Composer

Most websites that we develop uses some form of webpage builder.  Currently (as the www continues to change & improve) our favourite is Visual Composer due to it’s ease of use & it’s ability to integrate with most WordPress themes & plugins.  More importantly, our clients love it!

Have a look at this video to see it in action!


General introduction & posts

This video covers;

 Logging to the administration section of WordPress

 Switching between the live site & Administration section (grey bar)

 The Admin Menu

 Creating & editing a post

 WYSIWYG editor

 Formatting the text

 Adding an image to a post

 adding & removing a featured image

 Publishing Options, including delayed publishing

 Creating & using Categories

 SEO by Yoast – How to optimise your post for the search engines

 Saving & Viewing your post

Watch General Intro Video

Creating & updating pages

This video covers;

 When you use a page rather than a post

 Where to find pages in the Admin menu

 The summary list of all pages

 Quick edit & trash/restore, viewing the page as it would appear on the live site

 SEO summary

 how to confirm whether it is a page or post on the live site via the grey bar

 WYSIWYG editor

 uploading photos via the media library (including drop & drag) or from your PC, multiple image upload & alt text

 formatting a photo, re-sizing, alignment, boarders

 deleting an image

 previewing your page

Watch WordPress Pages Video

 Global Galleries plugin

This video covers;

 Creating a new gallery

 Adding, editing & deleting images

 Creating a collection of galleries

 Adding galleries, sliders & collections to pages & post

 Choosing the layout of a gallery

 Adding images from social media, ie. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram

Watch WordPress Global Galleries Video