Guy Designs recommends Woocommerce for most E-commerce sites. Woocommerce runs on top of the WordPress Content Management System and more information can be found at Guy Designs has also been using Magento for our customers for many years. We have (and can) designed e-commerce sites in other platforms such as OS-Commerce, ZenCart, Virtuemart, and X-Cart.


A little about Magento

Magento was developed in 2008 by a number of the developers of OSCommerce (another e-commerce platform). It’s had 7 major releases of the community edition (they also produce a professional & enterprise edition – both costing $10K+ each per year, which have had similar number of releases).  It’s had more than 4 million downloads and is currently the most popular e-commerce platform in the world.


Magento was bought out by Ebay (who already had a major stake in it) in early 2011, which at that point it was made even more user friendly than the original editions.


Magento E-Commerce ( software allows you to;

 Add & update products yourself as needed including photos & multiple categories

 Add variants such as size, colour & quantities Monitor & track orders

 Create discount codes

 Flexible postage/delivery rules (e.g., based on weight, set price per order, different cost per category, free shipping)

 Variety of payment methods (Direct Deposit, PayPal, Credit Card)

 Create special pricing for limited time periods

 Create gift vouchers

 Track inventory

 Integrate with an E-Bay store

 CMS pages (as many as you need) using WYSIWYG editors (like MS Word) that allow you to easily update them


Other features include;

 Each page & product can be optimised for search engines individually

 Well formatted products with detailed view that allows you have multiple images in relation to that product, variants such as colours/sizes

All types of image galleries, light boxes & image sliders can be added as another option to display images

 Images load quickly and look professional (depending on the quality of the photos)

 Magento (e-commerce software) is now owned by EBay & PayPal, so just like EBay it’s very user-friendly, easy to navigate for the customer and in the back/admin end

 Links/icons/shares with Facebook, twitter, Google + & Pinterest (& many others)

 User friendly links to each page (based on what you name the product or page)

 Very easy to update, un-publish without deleting if stock becomes unavailable.



Test drive Magento’s shops or the admin section




Find out more about Magento by reading their blog