What backups do we take?

What you need to know

At Guy Designs we want to ensure that your website and associated data is safe. To ensure this, we have a multi-tier backup policy in place.

This means we backup your website to two separate locations, using different technologies, on a variable schedule, and with multiple retention policies.


We take backups very seriously, and have many years experience with effective disaster recovery procedures.

We host your website on dedicated servers that we run ourselves. We have 24×7 onsite support for our servers in the unlikely event that there’s a problem.

We also independently monitor our servers, so we’ll know of any issues as soon as they happen.

Tier 1 – JetBackup

We use JetBackup (https://www.jetbackup.com/) to backup your website data plus databases to a second separate offsite location.

These backups are done on a daily basis, and we retain the following:

  • 30 daily snapshots
  • 5 weekly snapshots
  • 12 monthly snapshots

You can access these backups via the “Jetbackup” section in the cPanel control panel within your website:

Tier 2 – Amazon S3 Backup

We use Amazon S3 (aws.amazon.com/s3) to backup your website data to Amazon’s secure cloud storage service. These backups are done on a weekly basis, and we retain the following:

  • 2 weekly snapshots in short term storage
  • 12 weekly snapshots in long term storage (Amazon Glacier S3 storage – this can take up to 1 day to retrieve backups from)

You are not able to access these backups directly, and will need to request a backup be made available to you via a support request ticket at Guy Designs.

Should I still take my own backups?

Absolutely. As seriously as we take disaster recovery, we should not be your only form of data recovery for your website. We encourage you to take regular backups of your own website, and store these separate to your hosting account with us.

We can assist with plugins for WordPress that will automate this task for you, placing a backup of your website in either a Dropbox or Amazon S3 location for you on a regular schedule.

Not sure what extra backups you may need?

Contact us and we will help you work through your options