Are you looking for complimentary or contrasting colours for your next project?

Kuler is a great site to use, whether you’re working on a logo, website or even painting your house.

So what is it?

Kuler and other similar sites work by you providing a colour & it then shows you a range of colours & shades that will work well with it.

How does it work?

Go to Kuler & in the middle box, add the code of the colour that you are currently working with.

Once you hit enter you will see that colour appear in the box directly below the circle & the other boxes will change colours to suit.

Then click on the arrows next to “Colour Rule” on the top left of the screen & click on each of the options.  This will give you a range of complimentary & contrasting colours for the one you chose.



kuler colour wheel

There are a number of other sites out there that do this, including ColourSchemer, but this would have to be our favourite.