Step-by-step instruction videos for Magento

Congratulations on your new Magento website.  These videos will give you a guided tour of the administration (or back-end) section of your website and will show you how to create new products, manage orders and well as other administrator functions.

We are constantly uploading new videos & updating the current information as updates to Magento are released.  If we haven’t covered something you are trying to do on your site, please contact us at so we can provide you with assistance.

These videos are not specific to any site. If you have specialised modules for your website, we will create custom videos for you & send you a link to that recording.

General introduction

This video covers;

 Logging to the administration section of Magento

 The order/invoice/shipping options in Magento

 Adding/modifying categories and products

 Creating vouchers

 Managing customer records

 Editing pages

 Changing the configuration

View the video here

Magento Product Options

This video covers;

 The different types of product options available

 How to create product option templates

 How to assign product option templates to products

View the video here

Magento Coupon Codes

This video covers;

 The different types of promotional codes and discount rules available

 How to create catalog price rules

 How to create shopping cart price rules

View the video here