Guy Designs use a number of open source software or platforms to create our websites.


Wordpress logo

We’re constantly looking out for & testing the best platforms to represent your company that are user-friendly, attractive, provide the most features and are secure.


Currently for a CMS (Content Management System) we recommend WordPress.

For e-commerce or shopping sites we recommend Woocommerce.



The reasons we use open source platforms:

  • They are reliable, used by millions and as the name suggests “open” allowing you to approach any developer who understands the technology to update your website.
  • These platforms are constantly being updated and improved for the latest trends such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & security. They do not cost a fortune to update, which means that saves you money.


  • You’re not tied into the web-designer who created your site to continue the development if you so choose or stand the risk of the site not being able to updated because the software originally used no longer exists.
  • There are a lot of developers creating add-ons, modules, widgets, plugins daily, giving you the best features for your website at reasonable prices.
  • Can update your website from any PC with an internet connection and a web browser.
  • The administration section of your website is as easy to use as MS Word with WYSIWYG editors.


We believe that your website needs to be not only impressive and attractive to your customers, but be able to update as you need it.  After all, you don’t want to have to re-design your site every year or so.