E-Commerce (online store) website designs

E-Commerce, Online Stores or Shopping Cart websites are specifically designed to sell your products or services to website visitors.

These can be a component of a static or CMS site (that is more information based) or the main purpose of your site, depending on what you already have set up and how many products you are planning to sell.

If you’re planning to sell a lot of products or need the ability for flexible shipping options, cross sells or want to link to accounting software, then an E-Commerce site is recommended.


PapertalesWe recommend the use of the Woocommerce e-commerce solution to the majority of our customers, although depending on your unique requirements, we may also use Magento, Opencart, or another product.




Our online stores make it easy for you to manage your products, orders, inventory and financials. They include the ability for you to;

 Create and maintain an unlimited number of products

 Access to a range of payment gateways (including Paypal, credit card processing, direct deposit and manual payments) with SSL certificates

 Shipping options (Australia Post calculations, courier shipping, fixed cost shipping)


 Shop by brand

 Affiliate marketing

 Include blog or news feedsMagento Logo

 Provide live support to your customers

 Banner advertising

 CMS pages such as testimonials

 Newsletter sign-up

 Social Media integration

 Ebay integration

 Push to shopping comparison sites such as, shopbot

 Search Engine Optimisation for every product


Here’s a list of information & resources you’ll need to begin collating for your online store.  Guy Designs will assist you in collating the this information in the preparation for your website. Please ask us if you need help or further explanation.


E-Commerce Website Designs