Domain Registration

Guy Designs is an authorised re-seller of Australia’s largest domain name registrars and we can secure your domain name needs at very competitive prices.

Every business needs their own domain name as much as they need business cards and positive word of mouth. A domain name for your business is more than just your website.  It gives you professional email addresses, rather than a generic web based email account & provides protection for your business name in the online world.

Registering variations of your business name, products or services in the way of a domain name is advantageous & relatively cost effective in helping your customers find you, especially if they know you by another name.

Website Hosting

Guy Designs operate our own fully redundant dedicated primary & back-up servers, giving you the security to know that we have full control of your website functionality.

We do not on-sell another hosting service, giving you the confidence that you’re dealing directly with the company that can resolve any concerns.

Our primary servers are located in multiple secure data centres in Sydney & our back-up server gives geographic redundancy by being located in a data centre in Los Angeles, USA. Having our main servers in Sydney and backup server in a different continent allows us to minimise downtime in the event of any server or network issue.

We use web hosting software called cPanel, which allows you to easily maintain your own email accounts, setup email redirection, etc.

Our current uptime exceeds 99.95%.

As part of our hosting services, we include;

Give your business the professional appearance with email accounts using your domain (  Create the accounts yourself by logging into Cpanel or we can create them for you.

Have them delivered to your preferred email program on your PC &/or mobile device via POP3 or IMAP or forward them on to your web based email account (gmail, yahoo, live).  We include instructions on our website for most of the programs & devices.

We can also configure your domain to support Office365 or Google Business Suite for email (subscription fees may apply).

In addition to the services offered below, we include 5 hours per year of maintenance to your website.  This allows for anything you may wish to do to your website but either don’t have the skills or time to do.

These hours are in addition to any security updates and are available any time within the year of hosting.  We also offer very attractive packages for any additional work you need for your website.

* If you have a website design & hosting package with Guy Designs.  This service can be added to hosting only packages for an additional fee.

Backups are completed daily, weekly and monthly, as well as replicating all data every day to our backup server. Daily backups are retained for 14 days, weekly backups for 5 weeks, and monthly backups for 12 months. These backups are automated and doesn’t count towards your maintenance hours. You can read more about our backup regime at this link.

Security updates to your CMS & E-Commerce software as well as their extensions are included in our hosting package in addition to the maintenance hours.

We use automated software to do this, (for example: WordFence for WordPress monitoring), and csf/csxwatch for monitoring your account on the server (which will prevent malware/spam and notify us of any performance issues). If there are issues that need correcting, this is part of the hosting package.

Most websites run on the MySQL database system, and our MySQL database server is fully optimised for CMS & E-commerce websites. It is also monitored by our cloudlinux system for performance issues.

We use HostTracker & Uptime Robot to provide real time monitoring of our servers.  We are notified instantly of any interruption to service, and can switch to our backup server within a matter of hours if required.

So, Why choose Guy Designs to host your website?

Our tech, Andrew has over 20 years experience in running Linux servers (which is the operating system that most web servers run on), a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and is a member of the Australian Computer Society,

As a Certified Professional (CP), you can be assured that Andrew has limited liability coverage backed by federal government legislation, in the same way that Certified Practising Accountants, solicitors and doctors are provided government coverage.


In short, we’re able to provide a highly professional service at an extremely competitive price.

Unlike the majority of hosting providers out there, we run our own servers because we have the prerequisite qualifications & skills to do so.

We do not re-sell hosting packages from a larger provider.

Pricing Guide