Responsive Website Design

Every business, no matter how new or well established needs a website!  One that will tell potential customers all about your business, service, sell your products, book accommodation, tickets to an event/course or run your membership.  The options are endless!

Guy Designs will develop a CMS website that is fully responsive on all standard devices which you can easily update without needing to learn or purchase expensive software.

We’ve been developing websites since the late 90’s and as Guy Designs since 2003, so whether you’re starting from scratch or want a complete re-design, we’re ready to start work!

What is CMS and why should my website be designed using it?

CMS – Content Management System websites allow you to update your website as often as you wish from where-ever you may be, as long as you have access to the internet and a web browser.

Content Management Systems can be easily read on all computers and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.  All of our sites are fully responsive, which means that your site will automatically adjust to the size of the device being used.


For most businesses, WordPress presents as very attractive, functional CMS software that is very easy to update.

WordPress is open-source. To update your website, all you need is a PC (or tablet/phone) & an internet connection.  There is no software to download as you log in to a secure site, using your web browser.  A few instructions from Guy Designs are all you need to be editing & adding content to your website. If you decide at a later date that you need to add more functionality to your site, there’s no need to start from scratch, just contact us.

Just some of the functionality that can be added to your site

CMS websites include the ability for you to;

 Display images of your products, staff or locations

 Blogging &/or latest news


Integration with Social Media

Basic online stores

Event Calendars

Booking services (for holidays, events, etc)

Online courses


Paid advertisements & affiliates

and so much more!


If there’s a functionality your website needs, we can almost guarantee that a component, module or plugin has already been created.  So rather than having something designed from scratch (which can be very costly), Guy Designs can customise an existing component to suit your needs.


So why build your website with Guy Designs?

Visual Composer Website Layout Builder

When developing your website our main goal is for you and your staff to be able to update, change and add content once it’s complete, with very little training.  Although WordPress uses a WYSIWYG editor (buttons), just like programs such as MS Word, formatting a page with columns, adding images, videos and other elements is not always easy.

We use a page builder called Visual Composer to develop each page.  It works in rows & columns within those rows, where you add components such as headings, text, image galleries, videos, e.t.c. Each component has it’s own settings, so adding animation or background is as easy as choosing options within the element.

Change your mind as to where you want an image to sit on the page? Just drag and drop it into another location.  No re-writing or screwing up code!

Like the way a row or component is formatted? Duplicate it and then place the copy where you want it.  You can even copy the format of an entire page.

Take a tour of Visual Composer over at our Video Guides

Updating & adding content to your website

Google and the search engines expect that your website will be updated on a regular basis in order to be seen as as current and rank well.  We develop your website to be easily updated and provide a range of videos to teach you all about WordPress, Visual Composer and other components that we use on your site as well as a personalised guided tour to where to find and edit everything on your website once it is complete.

However, if you don’t have time or just don’t want to, then we our team can do it for you. It’s as easy as sending us an email to with details and when you need it completed by (please allow 1-2 weeks for non-urgent updates) and we’ll let you know the best way to send the content through to us.

Included in our hosted design package is 5 hours of maintenance per year.  If we haven’t designed your site or you have run out of maintenance hours, we offer packages in hourly, 5 and 10 hourly blocks.

Domain Registration & Website Hosting

Guy Designs is a wholesale re-seller for domain names and can offer you the best prices for your new domain name.

We run our own hosting servers in data centres located in Australia & overseas, giving you the security to know that we have full control of your website functionality and not just a reseller somewhere down the line.  Our fully redundant back-up system gives you the peace of mind that if for some reason the server goes down, we’ll have your site back up and running within hours.

Our hosting package includes daily back-ups of your site so if anything happens, we can restore your website within a matter of hours.

Payment Plans

Ready to start work on your new website but worried about the cost?  No need!

Guy Designs offer payment plans over twelve months, interest free and no fees!

Depending on your project, we ask for a small deposit and then commence monthly payments the following month.  We will make your website live as soon as it’s ready rather than you worrying about a final payment.

Preparation & Resources

We’ve prepared resources you’ll need to begin collating content & videos to teach you how to update your website.  Guy Designs will assist you in collating the this information in the preparation for your website and walk you through each stage.

Please ask us if you need help or further explanation.

Whether you’re just starting out with a small budget or expanding & want a lot more, talk to us about your vision & budget. Our payment plan will help you get started immediately!

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