Know the anti-spam laws

Everyone’s doing it, right?  You know, adding email addresses from the twenty or so that were included in the joke you received last week.. Searching websites for email addresses to contact possible new customers… Or confirming email addresses that haven’t confirmed…

Well, it’s important that you know the rules and what will happen if you are reported as a spammer or get caught out sending to an old email address.  Before you start sending email campaigns, you need to make sure you meet the standards so you’re not going to be blacklisted.

Guy Designs runs a separate dedicated server for email newsletters only.  We do not allow online newsletters to be run via your website due to the risk of having our IP addresses blacklisted, which leads to websites being brought down & the contracts with our servers being terminated.  It is your responsibility to know the rules & abide by them entirely.  If our server is blacklisted due to you not following the rules, your contract may be terminated immediately.

Whether we look after your newsletters or not, all hosting companies must meet the following standards, so please take the time to click on each of these links and if you have any questions, please contact us.


In Australia, go to ACMA – Online Safety & Security site

Click here for the Practical spam guide for businesses

For a full list of Anti-spam Acts for each county, go to Wikipedia

To find out more about preventing being tagged as a spammer, click here to read more

Learn about Spam Traps or Honeypot addresses & how you can get caught, click here to read more